How much does it cost for you to Represent Me or Talk to a Lawyer?

It costs nothing for you to talk to a lawyer. We offer a FREE Confidential Consultation. Our lawyers are available to speak to you confidentially by telephone. Home and hospital visits are also available.

I’m calling on behalf of my loved one. Is what I speak to you about kept Confidential?

Jonap & Associates, P.C., is a member of the State Bar of Georgia, American Bar Association, GA Trial Lawyers Association, and many other legal associations. It is within our Ethics Rules and Regulations of these associations, that we honor the confidentiality of our clients and their cases.

How long has Jonap & Associates, P.C., been in Practice?

John W. Jonap began his practice of law in 1976. He formed a partnership, Siler & Jonap in 1983, which became one of the largest statewide law firms. John W. Jonap went on to become Jonap & Associates, P.C., in 1991 and to date, Jonap & Associates, P.C., has served clients in over 38 states and the District of Columbia.

How do I know I have a Case?

You don’t necessarily know you have a case until you speak with a qualified attorney. At the law offices of Jonap & Associates, P.C., with our FREE Confidential Consultation we can help you sort through your questions about your legal concerns.

What Memberships does the firm hold?


State Bar of Georgia – Member

American Bar Association – Member

Can I submit a Testimonial?

Yes. Please feel free to email  your Testimonial to:

Who is the Founder of Jonap & Associates, P.C.?

Our Founder, John W. Jonap was instrumental in the litigation of several class action law suits, the most notable being: Pedicle Screws, Dalkon Shield and Breast Implants. He has worked with clients in 38 states, support groups and presented seminars for the victims of these Product Liability Cases.

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