car-accidents-jonap-and-associates-pc-lGeorgia Car Accidents – Don’t Take the Wrong Turn with Insurance Settlements

Car accidents are a daily occurrence on Georgia highways and roads. Many are minor fender benders while others can lead to painful, debilitating, and even permanent injuries. On top of that, victims and their families can be hit with financial losses from medical expenses associated with those car accident injuries as well as lost wages and even monetary loss related to a damaged or totaled car.

While you have great car insurance coverage and assume the insurance company will take care of everything on your behalf, don’t be so quick to reach these conclusions. Often, car insurance companies just want to reach a quick settlement with the injured person before the true extent of injury or loss is realized. After all, they do not want to have to cover more expense if they can get the car accident case closed sooner than later. You may not realize that, in the State of Georgia, most car accident cases actually have a two-year time period before a car accident claim has to be settled, primarily to accommodate victims and the onslaught of the real extent of physical injury or financial loss.

Your Rights in Georgia Car Accidents

Along with this right, you have other rights when it comes to being the victim of a car accident. There are limitations on the reimbursements that your health insurance, worker’s compensation, or other insurance coverage may seek if you get a settlement. You may also have a right to get compensation from other agencies like the government if it was determined that a faulty light or road was responsible for your car accident. There are many factors that also go into evaluating the value of a car accident claim that make it very complex and also easy for you to be confused and just agree to lesser compensation.

That’s where Jonap and Associates, P.C. comes in to guide you in the right and most beneficial car accident settlement possible. They can take the doubt away and are adept at computing all the factors that go into a settlement, including the nature of the injury, liability issues, economic losses, negligence and fault. With an initial car accident consultation that is free, you are sure to be on the road to recovery in no time at all thanks to our team of distinguished and successful legal professionals at Atlanta-based Jonap and Associates, P.C.

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