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One of the most devastating effects of accidents, usually related to auto accidents, truck accidents, boating accidents and motorcycle accidents, can be spine injuries, which can limit your mobility or, even worse, lead to permanent paralysis. Of course, a neck or spinal cord injury can also come from slipping and falling or some other work-related accident. These types of injuries demand immediate medical attention and require that you make minimal movement right after it has happened.

With tens of thousands of people in the United States experiencing spinal injuries each year, the pain and suffering involved in spinal injuries, such as herniated discs or bulging discs, can be excruciating and cut down on your quality of life. Isolating the true extent of damage caused from spine injuries can be difficult due to the fact that not all the symptoms reveal themselves immediately following an accident.

Understanding the true impact of spinal injuries involves being acutely aware of your own anatomy. The spine has four movable vertebrae made up of cervical (neck), thoracic (upper back), and lumbar (lower back) sections that contain bundles of nerves. Spine injuries can create the following conditions that need to be addressed by a professional legal firm that understands the real impact they can have as well as that can fight for your rights to receive compensation and damages. These spinal injury conditions include:

  • Neck injuries
  • Herniated discs
  • Paralysis
  • Paraplegia
  • Quadriplegia

These types of injuries can also impact a person’s ability to breathe as well as lead them to experience other devastating symptoms, such as arm and leg spasticity, loss of bowel or bladder control, and sexual dysfunction. None of the symptoms of spinal injury are pleasant, and many of them can end a person’s career as well as severely impact them on an emotional level in terms of how they can carry on relationships and feel like a whole and capable person. Psychological side effects like depression can also set in as a result of the physical inability to care for one’s self or take care of a family. However, each situation requires individual investigation and attention as no two spinal injuries are exactly alike, including the situation that led up to the spinal injury as well as the way in which the victim’s body responds to the spinal injury.

Your Rights if You’ve Suffered a Spinal Injury

Insurance companies certainly do not make it easy for those who have undergone spinal injuries. Their job is to simply get the liability behind their clients and avoid doling out compensation as much as possible. And, these companies will often employ whatever tactics they can to intimidate and scare off those who have been injured. Often, when dealing with pain and traumatic events, it is easy to let the big insurance companies steamroll right over you.

Have you or one of your loved ones been involved in an accident that resulted in a catastrophic injury to your or their spinal cord? Technology cannot regenerate your spinal cord and you or your loved one may find yourself in a situation where you desperately need long term or high technology care. The Insurance Companies will help to a point, but, to ensure your rights are protected and fully enforced on your behalf we encourage you to contact one of our experienced trial lawyers. You have rights and your rights need to be protected!

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