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Medical malpractice continues to be a national epidemic as medical errors in hospitals that lead to death exceed those killed in car accidents, AIDS, or breast cancer, according to the National Academy of Sciences. The wards for hospital negligence continues to rise each year as costly mistakes that impact a person’s ability to live or that adversely affects their ability to a good quality of life also exponentially grow. Recognizing the need to further punish hospitals and medical practices for these mistakes and incite the industry to make medical procedures safer, the Georgia Supreme Court lifted the cap on medical malpractice awards in 2010.

Examples of a definitive case for medical malpractice include many situations tied to medical professionals and their inability to provide adequate care, uphold a certain medical standard, or clearly show a complete disregard for necessary procedures:

  • Birth injuries or birth defects to children
  • Treatment-related infections
  • Failure to diagnose conditions like cancer and heart conditions
  • Misdiagnosis that leads to permanent injury or death
  • Medical procedures that have not been done correctly and lead to permanent injury like brain damage or loss of a limb or death related to organ or heart failure
  • Pharmacy malpractice related to providing the wrong medicine or dosage or not informing patients about the impact of combining medicines
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Failure to gain patient consent for an operation or procedure
  • A mistake related to anesthesia during a surgical procedure

Professional and Seasoned Legal Knowledge Fights Medical Malpractice

No medical malpractice case is straightforward. Often, there is a lot of complexity due to the number of people involved and the challenge of going up major healthcare organizations that try to intimidate people. This type of battle can be considered expense as well but it is a battle worth fighting, especially when you have the Jonas and Associates team in your corner. They are ready to stand up in court, according to Georgia law, and produce an expert that can testify under oath to the negligence that was committed by the medical provider, including detailed descriptions of where the negligence occurred and how in-depth the medical mistake was in terms of the physical, emotional, and financial scars such a mistake has caused to the victim and their family.

The seasoned team at Jonas and Associates is not intimidated by medical practices or hospitals because they have been fighting on the behalf of their clients for years and winning cases and lawsuits. They not only want to ensure that the person and/or their loved ones are financially secure, can get healthy, and move on with their lives with financial compensation and awarded damages, but they also want to push medical organizations and hospitals to a higher standard of quality patient care so that these medical mistakes stop occurring.

Unfortunately for some, medical malpractice does occur and catastrophic injury or death can often be the end result. Malpractice comes in many forms, but, primarily occurs when physicians either fail to provide adequate care, neglect to provide necessary care or disregard standard and necessary procedures that result in catastrophic injury or death to the patient. Insurance Companies are quick to try and settle in these types of cases. While they may feel the settlement to be fair and equitable, you or your family may have a different opinion. If you are a family member has suffered a catastrophic injury or death due to the negligence of a physician, call our office immediately. Don’t guess, call our team of highly skilled legal professional medical malpractice trial lawyers today!

How The Process Works

Once you make contact with our office, that is the only call you will need to make. Our team of expert lawyers will swing into action to quickly review your case. They will lead you through the process and gather all the necessary information to ensure your rights are fully protected.

At Jonap and Associates, P.C., we have handled all types of Medical Malpractice cases over the years. Here are some of the situations that would qualify for case review:

  • Death Due To Medical Procedure
  • Organ Failure During Medical Procedure
  • Heart Failure During Medical Procedure
  • Permanent Brain Damage Due to Medical Procedure
  • Failure To Properly Diagnose Heart Conditions
  • Failure To Properly Diagnose Cancer
  • Birth Defects Caused By Improper Birthing Procedures
  • Mis-Diagnosis Leading To Death Or Premanent Injury
  • Treatment Related Infection

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