What We Will Do For You

It has been our experience that the more aggressively we pursue our cases, the better the outcome and the greater potential for a maximum settlement. Understand though that each case is very different. A simple car crash can often be resolved in a matter of months. A complicated product liability action may take several years. Many cases can and will settle without the necessity of filing a lawsuit or going to trial. A certain percentage of our cases may require filing suit in order to compel a settlement. And in rare instances, your case may require a full trial. But it will always be our goal to obtain the largest possible recovery, as quickly as possible with minimal inconvenience to you, but we will never settle a case for mere convenience, your complete satisfaction will never be compromised.

We have a team of attorney’s that will handle your case from start to finish. Although all of the attorneys constantly consult with each other on each case and are available to speak with you, you will always know which attorney is handling your case and you will not “get lost in the shuffle.”  We will promptly return any calls and answer any questions that might arise.  We are here to help.

At Jonap & Associates, P.C. we are willing to review any case in which you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury, without cost to you. No one can completely outline all the scenarios in which people are injured. However, we have set forth some of the common areas in which we practice. Located in the Practice Areas on the left, is a menu listing of our practice areas. Click under each heading to learn more information.

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